When life gives you lemons

We have so many uses for lemons. For me, I love to start the day freshly squeezed into a cup of warm water, I add it to my food, in salads and on fish and of course, especially in my pre-dinner drink, the good old, gin and tonic. My favourite right now being Four Pillars Negroni with Fever Tree tonic. 
But what is prettier than a lemon coloured dress to brighten up your day?  Yellow is a colour that says, "I'm in a good mood", so why not make sure you add a bit of yellow to your life everyday. The good news is, that there is a shade of yellow to suit all of us.  From a subtle lemon hue to a full on sun drenched yellow, make sure you find a shade that suits you and make it a part of your life.


So, every time I see this phrase, "When life gives you lemons", I always think, time for a gin and tonic!  I love the idea of taking something positive from every experience we have.  After all, without those experiences, there is no life worth living.

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