Get your groove on!

Hula Hooping - not just for little girls!

With so many of us in lockdown, as well as those of us afraid to get out of lockdown, sometimes, it feels like one day just rolls into another.  Many have accumulated a few extra COVID pounds to our waist, so now is the perfect time to become one of those people addicted to hula hooping.  With the Summer Olympics just over, you may have watched a little bit of the Rhythmic Gymnastics.  Using hoops and ribbons, the gymnasts move, jump and gyrate their bodies in ways that we, mere mortals, will never be able to do.  But instead, grab your old hula hoop, which may still be lying around the house and start hooping your body into shape. 
Did you know that hula hoops were once banned in Japan for indecency?   Same in Russia, where they were seen as an example of "the emptiness of American culture".  Obviously, that was before Facebook and social media came along ... Talk about emptiness!!  You may never be Olympic athlete material, but there are still hula hooping competitions around the world, so dust off your hoop and get your body moving.  The dopamine hit from hooping to your favourite music will have you jumping out of lockdown with a great big grin on your face in no time!

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